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Inside of my soul...

...there's a world of sunshine

23 November 1983
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My name is Francisca but most of the time go by as Fran. I live in orangecounty california, which hopefully someday I can get outta here for a while. I am 21 years old. I love to express myself passionately through writing, music, and dancing. I guess I'm more of that romantic, old soul sweet and shy kind of girl. I do have that hot temper side of me too, so ya better watch it! I can also be VERY sarcastic.... I love to stand back in a crowd and observe everything/everyone around me, but when there is a moment that I want to be heard, believe me I WILL BE HEARD. :) I am basically a chameleon and can get along with most everyone. IF I do take an instant dislike to you, it IS for a reason. I can usually sense a good or bad vibe in someone...If you get on my bad side, it is pretty hard to get back on that good side of mine. I am really someone worth getting to know...*xoxo* :oÞ

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